St. George’s University and Ramaiah University to host ‘Mini-Medical Virtual Course 2021’ for school students

Bangalore: St. George’s University in association with Ramaiah University is organizing the ‘Mini-Med Course’ in a virtual format on 18th – 19th June 2021 for students from classes 10 to 12. The course will help students understand clinical anatomy, basic medical sciences, how doctors are trained and what to expect from medical school in an engaging and immersive format. The primary objective of this course is to allow students to experience a glimpse of medical education and to inspire them about the attributes of this noble profession.


St. George’s University and Ramaiah University will be hosting the course online with a series of moderated and interactive sessions. The module will cover topics such as the history of medicine, an introductory session on medical terminology, anatomy lab walk-through and a discussion on COVID 19: Where are we now. In addition, the course will feature lessons on the nervous system, mental health, heart health and healthy living. It will also include a road-accident case scenario covering basic life support, bleeding support, surgical knot tying and live relay. The interactive sessions will be supported by suitable medical props and extensive demo sessions.


Salil Gupta, Director of Transnational Education, South Asia added “In India, students have to make decisions around their career choices such as wanting to be doctors even before they graduate from high school, unlike the US or Canada. Which means that they are making life-changing decisions at a very young age. This course hosted jointly by Ramaiah Group of Institutions and St George’s University for Indian students is an effort to seed interest and educate them about the nuances of becoming a Doctor at an early age.


The course is intended to help students identify and gather information about a career in medicine while providing a valuable perspective into the life of a medical student. The students will also be awarded with certificates on successful completion of the course and will have the opportunity to interact with senior professionals from the sector.


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