St Mira’s College- Webinar on Job Placements Post Covid

Webinar on Post COVID Job Scenario and Interview Skills

St Mira’s College For Girls Pune

Date:- 26th June 2020

On 26th June 2020, students of St. Mira’s college were offered an opportunity to address one of the major roadblocks that they were facing in their career due to COVID-19, through webinar on “Post COVID Job Scenario and Interview Skills”

The webinar was conducted in collaboration with PIBM (Pune Institute of Business Management), by Mr. Parijat Pushp, Talent acquisition head – Mahindra insurance Brokers limited), and Mr. Ramanpreet (Chairman –PIBM) The aim of the webinar was equipping students with modern ways of presenting themselves and their resume for interviews. Mr. Pushp and Mr. Ramanpreet gave several insights on changing requirements in today’s scenario. The students were guided on the pathways to achieve the right kind of value addition to their profile.

They also highlighted the need of being aware of current affairs, knowing the game changers and encouraged the students to enhance their knowledge through reading. They emphasized the importance of JD in an interview process and knowledge of company details.

This informative session imparted wisdom which enabled the students to evaluate their understanding of interview skills and improve their strategy for job interviews. The webinar was successful in educating the students on the formation of a strong base in the career of their choice. More than 250 students of all streams of TY and PG courses attended the session through the Zoom platform for two hours. This interactive session was helpful to students to chart their career path, not only in ways to move forward with a strong focus on their career but also gave them the motivation to look at challenging times like these with positivity.

Placement coordinator Swatee Sarwate organized this webinar in association with PIBM so that the current batch of Students will get an opportunity to learn how to face job opportunities in adverse time. She said “This webinar gave them an Idea of how they have to face the future in a positive mind set. How a good resume and interview skills can change the opportunities they can get.”

Placement representative from TY BBA Rajsee Sarwate said that

“Mr Ramanpreet explained to us all about the importance of the internship and practical experience and how we should write a good resume.”

Placement representative from TYBSc (computer science) Devyani Rupeeja said that “Me and my classmates were given this opportunity of attended the Webinar on Post Covid Job Scenario Interview skills was like a rising light in the black sky” she added that “this webinar was attended by 300 participants belonging to the graduate and post graduate degrees of the St. Mira’s College”. She said that “Raman Sir shared knowledge about how one should think and decide about their career and take life decisions and whereas Parijat Sir explained us about how one should behave in an interview and what are the do’s and dont’s that we need to follow while writing a resume as well our behaviour in an interview. We all are thankful to the Placement department for organising this webinar.”

Placement representative from TY Bsc(Cs) Muskaan Laungani

“The webinar was about the skills that one should develop during this course of time due to covid 19 pandemic .Mr Ramanpreet gave us a brief idea that how our resume was our reflection to the HRs and gave a lot of knowledge the job opportunities in the technical field .Overall it was very useful webinar to build ourselves.”