St Xavier’s Group of Schools deliver 100% Pass Results as Maharashtra SSC Board Results get announced today

Mumbai : The toppers at the schools belonging to St Xavier’s Group of Schools have delivered exceptional scores in the Maharashtra SSC Board Examinations. All the schools that are a part of the Trust and located at diverse locations across Mumbai have achieved 100% pass results / outstanding results for the MSBSHSE SSC Board.

The top achieving students of St Xavier’s Group of Schools are:

1. Desai KartikAmit– 97.6% from St Joseph High School, SSC, New Panvel.

2. Prasad Ajay Mahankal– 97.4% from St Joseph High School, SSC, New Panvel

3. Thipireddy PoorviVinayak – 97.4% from St Xavier’s High School, Virar

4. YadavAdityaShailesh – 97.20% from St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon

5. ShravaniGawande – 96.8% from St Joseph High School, SSC, New Panvel

6. BhattacharjeeAnushreeAnuj – 96.8% from St Aloysius High School, Nalasopara

7. JagtapAtharvaSharad – 96.6% from St Lawrence High School, Kandivali

Speaking about the success the SSC topper at St Joseph High School, SSC, New Panvel,who is also a topper across all St Xavier’s Group of Schools, KartikAmit Desaisaid, “This is one of the greatest milestone of academic success in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Principal Mam and all my teachers for supporting me a lot. My teachers have always been there for me and helped me out thoroughly and solved all my doubts. My school has continuously supported me not only this year but throughout my school journey and encouraged me to achieve nothing but the best. I am immensely grateful to my parents for being my pillars of strength and building the core value of hard-work in me right from the start.”

Meena Aaditi Mohanlal from St Joseph High School, Kalamboli is an exceptional student who has topped in her school with 96.2%. She is a juvenile diabetic but her health never deterred her enthusiasm for learning and her skillful personality. Apart from being an excellent academic achiever, Aaditi is also a great poem composer, orator and debator.

Ashwin Bharadwaj is another achiever from St Lawrence High School, Borivali who has successfully secured 89.20%. Ashwin is an autistic child who also suffers from mild hearing impairment. Ashwin has never let his condition hold him back and has always been a go-getter who has now made his school and parents extremely proud.

While congratulating students on their success of their Results, Madam Grace Pinto, Managing Director, St. Xavier’s Group of Schools “We are grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for the outstanding results achieved by all our State Board Schools. Our students have performed exceptionally despite the challenging situation of the ongoing pandemic and secured 100% results. We appreciate and congratulate them on their success and sincere efforts and we wish them a bright future ahead. We thank our parents for their support and continual trust. We commend our teachers for their endeavors in guiding and training our students. At St. Xavier’s Group, we remain committed to hold on to academic excellence and the holistic development through education that is effective and engaging for our young learners.”

Further Details on academic achievers at St Xavier’ Group of Schools:

A. The Toppers at St Joseph High School, SSC, New Panvel are:

a. Desai KartikAmit– 97.6%

b. Prasad Ajay Mahankal– 97.4%

c. ShravaniGawande – 96.8%

B. The Toppers at St Xavier’s High School, Andheri are:

a. YadavAdityaGulab – 95.6%

b. BeraSushmaGopal – 92.8%

c. ShaikhTabishHumayun – 92.6%

C. The Toppers at Ryan International High School, SSC, Malad are:

a. FizaZafar Khan – 93.2%

b. AnoushkaSanjeevSawant – 92.8%

c. ChaityaPradeepMody – 91.2%

D. The Toppers at St Xavier’s High School, Borivali are:

a. Jain Shruti Bharat – 94.80%

b. KadamDurvaAbhay – 94.60%

c. KelkarShravaniDhanesh – 94.20%

E. The Toppers at St Lawrence High School, Kandivali are:

a. JagtapAtharvaSharad – 96.6%

b. BarboleBhoomiUttam – 96.2%

c. AgrawalShubhamGopal – 94.6%

F. The Toppers at St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon are:

a. YadavAdityaShailesh – 97.20%

b. TiwariSushant Ajay – 92%

c. KoliSiddharthSudhakar – 90.80%

G. The Toppers at St Xavier’s High School, Virar are:

a. ThipireddyPoorviVinayak – 97.4%

b. PorwalMinal Mahesh – 96.2%

c. PrabhuVarad Ashok – 95.6%

H. The Toppers at St Joseph High School and Junior College, Kalamboli are:

a. MeenaAaditiMohanlal – 96.2%

b. JamadarAfjanShakil – 96.2%

c. ThakareManthan Rajesh – 95.8%

d. ChaudhariLavanya Sanjay – 95.4%

I. The Toppers at St Augustine High School, Nerul are:

a. Khan AfraArif – 95.8%

b. KhamkarHrutujaShrikant – 93.6%

c. KamathDeekshaPundalika – 93.4%

d. Ms.JadhavKhushiSantosh – 93.4%

J. The Toppers at St.Aloysius High School, SSC, Nalasopara are:

a. BhattacharjeeAnushreeAnuj – 96.8%

b. LohaniGunjan Shankar – 95.6%

c. MallikJyotiprakashNiharkanti – 95.2%

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