Stanford Launches Cardinal Connect

STANFORD, Calif. – Stanford Athletics announced, Wednesday, the launch of Cardinal Connect, a new campus program designed to help Stanford students take advantage of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. The in-house initiative aims to leverage Stanford’s campus and alumni resources to provide education and support to students under new governance which allows student-athletes to receive compensation for their NIL without forfeiting their athletic eligibility.

Beginning July 1, student-athletes may enter into agreements involving their NIL under temporary NCAA legislation approved today. On Sept. 1, California’s SB 206 will go into effect and govern NIL opportunities throughout the state.

“This new NIL legislation provides exciting new opportunities for student-athletes, and we believe that Stanford is uniquely positioned to deliver NIL value to our students,” Stanford’s Jaquish & Kenninger Director of Athletics Bernard Muir said. “Through our relationships in Silicon Valley, our world-class campus resources and an unparalleled alumni network, Cardinal Connect reflects our approach to NIL, and will provide students with the best education and opportunities to benefit from NIL.”

Cardinal Connect will use a variety of Stanford resources to provide NIL support to help students successfully pursue NIL opportunities and educate students about relevant topics associated with NIL. Many of the offerings of the Cardinal Connect program will be available to the entire student population, while some offerings will be customized to student-athletes. A cross-functional working group consisting of various campus and athletics leaders has been assembled to guide the development of the program as state and national NIL legislation evolves.

“The new NIL opportunities for student-athletes bring forth new opportunities for enhanced collaboration between the department of athletics and various other campus units,” Stanford’s Faculty Athletics Representative Jeff Koseff, said. “Cardinal Connect’s approach of leveraging Stanford educational resources will benefit student-athletes. as well as the entire student body.”

In addition to helping students attract and navigate NIL agreements and remain compliant with NIL guidelines and rules, Cardinal Connect will educate students on key NIL topics including social media strategy, contracts and identity IP and personal finances.


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