Stanford Today, a website intended to curate essential news and information for students, faculty, staff and postdocs, has launched. This site includes a landing page with information vital to the entire campus community, as well as audience-focused pages for students and postdocs, faculty and staff.

Designed as the university’s internal newsfeed, Stanford Today will be integrated with existing communications channels such as Stanford ReportRe-Approaching StanfordCardinal at Work, institutional social channels and the Stanford mobile app, among others; it will not be “another website to check.”

With content submitted from more than 80 schools and administrative units, Stanford Today gathers in one place information essential for all university internal audiences. Here are just a few examples:

  • A complete list of pandemic-related current policies and status;
  • A “home” for the communications sent via email by the president and provost;
  • Critical information students, faculty and staff need to prepare for winter closure;
  • The latest technology offerings from University IT;
  • Highlights of faculty research and awards;
  • Audience-specific links to vital departments and services.

Stanford Today is not intended to replace Stanford Report for faculty and staff or Re-Approaching Stanford for students and postdocs. Rather, Stanford Today offers a more comprehensive source for vital news and information, with highlights pulled for each day’s Stanford Report.

The launch begins a process for Stanford Today’s continuous development. Near-term enhancements include: the ability to subscribe to email digests as well as to content feeds, and integration with other campus websites and resources. We welcome suggestions from the campus community for other enhancements as well. In addition, a “version 2.0” for Stanford Today is planned for 2021.