Starscapes launches ‘Cosmofluencer’- a program that gives a voice to Young Astronomers


Bengaluru : Starscapes, India’s leading astro tourism venture, presents ‘Cosmofluencer’, a unique initiative through which young astronomy enthusiasts can explore the possibilities that cosmos has in store. Young individuals chosen for the three-month program will write, develop, curate, and share content related to astronomy. Furthermore, they can work directly with industry veterans from the field of astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration.

Anyone between the ages of 13 to 19 years can enroll for the program. Visit Starscapes-Cosmofluencer for more information.

The applicants selected for the program will create content that simplifies astronomy for the world. Their content will be research-based, fun, and packaged in a way that’s engaging for the audience. They can interact with industry professionals and dive deep into the world of astrophysics and space exploration. Additionally, they can participate in workshops and work on projects related to deep space exploration with the help of experts.

Commenting on the program, Paul Savio, CEO and Co-Founder, Starscapes, said, “We started Starscapes with an aim to make astronomy more accessible for everyone. We have been overwhelmed by the interest our customers have shown towards stargazing and astro-tourism. During our journey, we realised that young minds are especially more curious about space and everything it has in store. With this insight, we launched the Cosmofluencer program to give voice to young astronomers and give them a launchpad for a career in astronomy”

“Through our program, young people can learn about astronomy by creating fun and engaging content, and sharing it to the world. We are thrilled to provide a platform to these young thinkers to become cosmo-influencers and spread their love for astronomy through their content”

Program details

Any individual (13-19 years) with a smartphone and a passion for astronomy can be a part of the program. Once the enrollment form is filled, the applicant will go through an interview process for selection.

Below are a few perks of the program

Each cosmofluencer can virtually Meet & Greet a special guest expert from the industry to answer any questions about astronomy as a profession.

Complimentary visits to Starscapes Observatories shows anywhere in India for perpetuity

A certificate of completion after 3 months of the program and special awards for best performance in various categories. The winners will be given a 12 month subscription to ‘Starscapes Astronomy Box’.

12 photographs of the sky taken by any 12 Cosmofluencers will be a part of Starscapes Calendar 2023

The Cosmofluencers will be a part of a team with an industry expert as a mentor. At the end of the three months, each team will present a project to be featured in this year’s Starscapes Hall of Fame.

For more information: contact +91 9667307015



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