Startup Launch Pad: EDI India Preferred Destination for New Age MBA Seekers


Ahmedabad: While most aspiring MBA students may pursue their Management Degree or Diploma, for a better job or seeking a career in an MNC, there is a section of youngsters looking for professional guidance towards nurturing their dream venture or taking their existing business to the next level. And this number is growing. It changes the life of the individual and gives wings to his or her entrepreneurial dream. And in the process along with the individual, it changes lives of many others by creating further opportunities.
“This entrepreneurship programs at EDI India is dedicated to impart comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurial eco system to the budding first generation entrepreneur or family business successor. Pedagogy and curriculum has been such designed with a defined purpose to nurture and support budding entrepreneurs help realize their dreams and run it successfully. The program also includes mentoring sessions on how to develop a pitch and approach venture capitalist or funding,” says Prof. Satya R Acharya, Program Director at EDII.

With India depending largely on MSMEs, housing more than 6000 clusters of MSMEs, it becomes fundamental to extend professional support that enable the sector to become competitive and productive. EDII has emerged as providers of quality Business Development Services to address the issues facing the MSMEs across sectors. “As a National Resource Institute, EDII also bears the onus of institutionalising entrepreneurship nationally by undertaking projects / programmes across the country and by ensuring setting up of EDII-like institutions in other states,” added Prof. Satya.

Strong association of EDII with government of India makes the students more aware of the various schemes and initiatives launched by the Indian government under the Make in India or Start up India. The mentorship and guidance assist student’s to aim for the financial support offers to MSMEs and start-up units along with ideation and capturing growth opportunities.

The PGDM–BE two-year, full-time, residential programme at the EDI, now in its twentieth batch of delivering entrepreneurship education, has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs and working mangers to encourage critical and lateral thinking, nurture their ambitions, and enable new ventures through a directly relevant and highly practical learning experience. Application forms can be filled online.