State awards were presented to employees of PetrSU


On the Republic Day, in the hall of the Noble Assembly of the National Museum of Karelia, the residents of the republic, who were awarded state awards of Russia and Karelia, were honored.
State awards of Russia and Karelia were presented to the distinguished residents of our region by the Head of the Republic Artur Parfenchikov. Opening the solemn ceremony, the head of the region congratulated the audience on the Day of the Republic and emphasized that celebrating the main state holiday of our region, we traditionally honor people whose professional and labor successes are included in the chronicle of the republic, including new honorary citizens of the Republic of Karelia.

Each of you is the pride of Karelia, its golden fund. You enjoy the well-deserved respect of society, your fellow countrymen and colleagues, and it is true that today your merits are recognized at the state level, have been highly appreciated by the state,

– said Artur Parfenchikov.

Artur Parfenchikov warmly congratulated the new honorary citizens of Karelia. For a special contribution to the development of science and higher education in Karelia, he was awarded to Viktor Nikolaevich Vasiliev – Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Honored Scientist of the Republic, Deputy Director of the Karelian Regional Institute of Continuing Professional Education of Petrozavodsk State University.

The title of “Honorary Citizen” for outstanding services in the development of health care, training of highly qualified specialists for medical institutions of Karelia, as well as many years of fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity was awarded to the doctor of medical sciences, professor, people’s and honored doctor of the republic, head of the course of critical and respiratory medicine at the Medical Institute of PetrSU Anatoly Petrovich Zilber.

Vyacheslav Petrovich Orfinsky is also on the list of honorary citizens of Karelia – Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Publicist, Public Figure, Honored Scientist of the Republic, Director of the Research Institute of Historical and Theoretical Problems of Folk Architecture of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences of Petrozavodsk State University. The title recognizes the special contribution of Vyacheslav Orfinsky to the study, preservation, protection and popularization of the historical, cultural and architectural and artistic heritage of the Russian North and many years of fruitful scientific and social work.

The speakers, the holders of state awards, thanked their teams, shared their plans for the future, and recalled their career. Thus, Anatoly Zilber, who has been working in the health care of Karelia since 1966, considers one of his main achievements to be that for many years he has been introducing humanitarian culture into medicine and education.

Professor Viktor Vasiliev, who has been working at PetrSU for more than 50 years, noted the great contribution of the university graduates to the development of Karelia, including among those who were awarded today.

Artur Parfenchikov thanked the awardees for their significant contribution to the development of our republic and Russia and congratulated them on well-deserved awards.