Stayfree organizes webinar to guide parents on initiating period-talk with their children


New Delhi: Taking forward their initiative to normalize conversations around menstruation, Stayfree organized a special session to guide parents on preparing their child for her first period. Held in partnership with Menstrupedia, a friendly guide to periods, the online session saw participation from parents all over the country.

The session emphasized the importance of talking about periods with children and guided them on how to prepare and make their daughters period ready. The informative session also enlightened the parents on when to initiate conversation with their children, advising them not to avoid a conversation in situation such as a child asking what a sanitary napkin is. It also took the parents through the biological reasons for menstruation and the basics about the female anatomy. It counseled parents to refer to organs and periods by name to remove any associated stigma and taboo.

The session was designed to stimulate normalizing menstrual conversation at home through methods such as celebrating periods, encouraging body positivity, empathizing with period pain, and involving other family members in the conversation. The interactive session with many visual examples witnessed good participation from the attending parents.

Speaking on the occasion, Johnson & Johnson’s spokesperson said, “Stayfree has taken multiple initiatives to encourage parents to drive a healthy period conversation with their children. We want to ensure that we move the needle towards normalizing menstruation in the country and move towards a more understanding and accepting society. Every year millions of girls have get their first periods and most of them do not understand what they are going through. We must all ensure that these girls get the emotional and physical support to face their first period with confidence in an open and understanding home environment.”