Storytel brings Qissa Qissa Lucknowaa, an audiobook by author Himanshu Bajpayee

· The stories and mentions are not of the Nawabs, but of Lucknow and the local people there. · Author and Narrator of the audiobook Himanshu Bajpayee – a well-known Dastango - had a cameo performing Dastangoi in famous Netflix series Sacred Games.

New Delhi: The tales of the Nawabs of Lucknow are prevalent, but the tales of the local people of Lucknow are rarely found in books. Those available are scattered. Storytel brings Qissa Qissa Lucknowaa, an audiobook by author Himanshu Bajpayee which brings together all those scattered stories in a very beautiful language at one place; as if a well-trained Dastango is sitting in front narrating the story.

The stories and mentions are not of the Nawabs, but of Lucknow and the local people there. This book is an attempt by Himanshu Bajpayee to take people closer to originality of the great city of Lucknow, and admiration of its local people, heritage and culture.

Himanshu was a journalist by profession who has worked with various reputed media houses. He started his Dastangoi training in 2013 after persuasion by his friend Late Ankit Chadha – a renowned Dastango and Storyteller. Himanshu is both the Author and Narrator of the audiobook. He had a cameo performing Dastangoi in famous Netflix series Sacred Games.

A native of Old Lucknow, Himanshu is a storyteller of old incidents with a new style. He developed an interest in reading and studying in his school in Raja Bazar area of Old Lucknow. Raja Bazar is an area where people speak Urdu and otherwise with respect and honor. So, the connection with Urdu was due to being a local to the area; hence he spoke the language he learnt. It was later when he realized that this is a special language.

Speaking on a Facebook Live on Storytel Hindi page he said, Yogesh Praveen had a great influence on him through his writing and language.

On his introduction to the art of Qissagoi, he said he knew about such an art since his childhood due to his readings; but it was later when he discovered that it exists even today and is being performed.

On why and how he started writing his stories he said, he had earlier written columns on the same; Satyanand Nirupam of Rajkamal Prakashan contacted him and asked him to write it in form of stories.

He said he is a perfect example of someone who without knowing anyone, without having any contact, and without giving any money got his book published by such a reputed publication of Hindi, Rajkamal Prakashan, and now its audio book is out on a reputed platform – Storytel.

On his experience of narrating the book, he thanked Giriraj Kiradoo, Publishing Manager of Storytel. Himanshu said, he wanted the narrator to be someone who was attached to the stories, and so he himself narrated them.

A lot of great books have been written on and about Lucknow; listening to the audiobook of Qissa Qissa Lucknowaa will certainly lead the listeners to such books.

The audiobook sample could be listened to in the following link:

About the audiobook:

Title: Qissa Qissa Lucknowaa

Author: Himanshu Bajpayee

Narrator: Himanshu Bajpayee

Language: Hindi

Category: Historical Short Stories

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