Stratbeans and India’s leading Banks & Financial Institutions collaborate for advanced Learning Management Solutions

New Delhi : With its end-to-end LMS solution for experiential peer-level organic learning, Stratbeans is enabling and collaborating with banks and financial service providers to digitally train and upskill their sales and operations teams. The solution includes a powerful tech tool for evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes and mapping progress to improve learning outcomes in sync with the business goals of the organization. The main focus is to aid the organization to create better leaders, a more capable and innovative workforce, and increase productivity through continuous learning across levels and peer groups.

Stratbeans uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in their Learning Management System with Experiential Learning (LMSxP) to create real-time, customized training programmes for bank support staff in order to increase self-efficacy, particularly in remote and hybrid work environments. With their eLearning development capabilities, Stratbeans has developed gamified modules to enhance engagement throughout the employee lifecycle to improve their knowledge and enhance skills to eventually transition this workforce to the executive ranks.

For one of India’s top banks, Stratbeans has developed a unique concept-based expedition in a gamified module for the onboarding and training of employees. The solution was designed to run for more than 1 lac employees and resulted in improved confidence and success rate, simply due to the psychological, collaborative and cognitive effects of the simulations. As a result, more Banking and Finance organisations are adopting AI-powered concept solutions in e-learning. This undoubtedly brings to focus the pivotal role and participation of the HR department in the complete business plan for Industry growth.

“To grapple with the uncertainties of the changing economy, upskilling and reskilling have become top priorities for the BFSI sector. To keep up with the growing demand to digitize, there is an imminent need to train the workforce, particularly in the pre and post-Covid era. By leveraging Stratbeans’ cutting edge digital solution for learning, these businesses can scale up employees’ performance by 15 to 32% in a 9 to 24 months horizon. As industry pioneers, we were quick to identify and anticipate challenges and help BFSI firms prepare a digitally savvy workforce, geared for the future.’’, said Mr Pradeip Agarwal, COO & Co-founder, Stratbeans.

Over the last decade, Stratbeans has digitally transformed over 150 businesses, enabling them to train new employees and upskill existing ones without any manual intervention. Stratbeans has assisted organisations in seamlessly adapting to the solutions provided, in order to improve employee performance in this digital-driven age.

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