Stress-An epidemic over students; Latika Narang conducts a session on how to cope with it at IITM Janakpuri

In school and college students, stress can be a major cause of weak mental health. In students, unrealized potential, and in extreme cases, loss of life can cause immense amount of stress.

Latika Narang, MD, aekum spoke to the students and spoke about stress, ways to cope with it. Many students are so engulfed by stress that they lose themselves in the process. Latika Narang addressed the issues and helped students in the process of finding themselves. Ms. Latika Narang left the corporate world just to heal people and direct them towards laughter.

The session was very interactive as students, present in huge numbers, could relate perfectly to the talk.  Stress, fatigue, irritability, anger, frustration, anxiety are all common signs of students these days. The pressure to perform well, conditions at home, exam stress, or personal issues are bound to create stress among students.

Body’s react differently. There are people who can manage stress, but this is a small bunch of people we are talking about. When it comes to students, they take time in figuring out situations. The session was all about how to manage stress and take care of your well-being. The world is full of newness with no one around telling you what to do. This is where stress strikes you and catches up with you. Stress comes natural to you, dealing with it doesn’t.


In the words of Latika Narang, MD, aekum:


Stress is normal; not abnormal. But when I hear a 6 year old saying he/she is stressed, my heart sinks. My generation didn’t have the word stress in our vocab when we were 5-6. This is what is wrong with the world. Part of stress is alright; but there is a limit to everything. Students these days are sometimes forced to perform well, have personal issues, peer pressure, and whatnot. When stress becomes distress that is when you need to pause and ponder what and where you need to slow down.”

Additionally, the session had many moments where students discussed their problems with Ms. Latika Narang and she addressed them.

Ms. Latika Narang hopes to continue hosting such events as her main motto is to heal people as many people she can into laughter.

Ms. Latika Narang manages aekum, a healthcare centre in Vipul Business Park, Gurgaon. The services aekum offers are Crystal Light Therapy, Body Organ and System Study, Talk Therapy, Acupuncture, Bio Energy and Chakra Scan.

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