Stress-Busting Techniques Every Engineering Student Must Follow

Engineering is packed with potential stress situations. From gathering information of btech courses, preparing the research papers on time, taking semester examinations to maintaining the attendance percentage, everything, just everything can make any student feel stressed. While stress and anxiety are unavoidable for students, it doesn’t have to demolish a student’s life or make a significant impact on their academic performance. There are many stress-busting techniques that can effectively take off the burden and help students excel and perform better at studies. Here are five stress-busting techniques that can help every engineering student have a lower-stress college life.

Plan a Study Strategy

Having a well-planned study strategy will make any student feel less burdened. Break down projects into small parts and set targets to accomplish each part. This way, you will have enough time to concentrate on each part and get the project finished right on time. On the other hand, if the examinations are approaching close, making a proper study strategy by dedicating enough time to all the subjects would make the night before the exam less stressful.

Think Positive

Feasting the mind with positive outcomes would make a huge impact on performance and grades. Students should always remember that one simple negative thought would lead to another and before they realise it, there will be a chain of negative thoughts already in their mind. A better approach is to feel confident and motivated about examinations and studies and keeping the mind away from negative thoughts as much as possible. However, it’s okay to feel anxious at times.

Indulge in Fun & Entertainment Activities

Rewarding your body every day with a reward can be of a big help. Engineering students should make sure that they are indulging in some form of entertainment and fun activities once a day. Keeping the mind always on pressure would be of no help. Instead, it will start affecting your grades. From watching movies to hanging out with friends, you can do whatever that makes you feel happy and rejuvenated.


While there are many benefits of exercising, stress management tops the list. No matter what the stress level is, an hour of rigorous workout can fight stress like anything else. We understand it’s hard to maintain an exercise routine with studies, but something as simple as a walk or run can refresh the brain and make it all ready for the intense study sessions. If there is an on-campus gymnasium, nothing is better than spending a few hours early in the morning to make the body and brain ready for the upcoming lectures.

Sleep Well

The human body needs adequate sleep to perform and function better on a daily basis. However, there are times when an all-nighter is the only option that seems functional to the students. Pulling an all-nighter once or twice a month is surely not a problem, but making it a habit is. Students need to understand the value of a good night’s sleep, especially if the exams are approaching close.

Fighting with stress is an art, and every student should excel in it. Stress can sabotage the efforts a student makes to score well and can affect other areas of life as well. Fortunately, several coping strategies can effectively keep one away from feeling overburdened or stressed. Five such strategies are listed above. So, if you are pursuing engineering or gathering information of b tech courses and plan to pursue in future, keep these stress management tips handy, to make those four crucial years of your life pass like a breeze. Many institutions like BML Munjal University offer their students with stress management sessions that help them perform better and score well.