Strike Against Climate Change: Mumbai Reunites on 29th November 2019


Mumbai: Climate change is affecting millions of lives worldwide each day and countless people the world over have been actively voicing out their feelings about the biggest threat to this planet. To combat a monstrous problem such as climate change, reforms and government policy changes are needed at the global level and for this people from different socioeconomic backgrounds need to come together. Unfortunately, given how slowly mankind is progressing towards resolving this issue, strikes and protests are the only way for people to voice their feelings at a level where they are heard. Hence, on this 29th of November, Mumbai is coming together to make its voice heard against climate change and appeal to the concerned authorities to demand an end to fossil-fuels.
The strike on 29th November will see business leaders from different fields and a wide variety of students come together in unison for supporting the movement towards stopping or slowing down global climate change.
Imaan Javan, Director of Operations, Asia Pacific at Suntuity, said, “Change begins with you is what I firmly believe in and where this planet stands today, we have to take serious action against the damage we as human beings have caused to this planet. The development of environmental consciousness and the need for accepting clean sources of energy is an absolute must so that we can make this planet a better place to live again, and give our future generations what they deserve – a clean and healthy planet. After all, we owe it to Mother Earth. And that’s why, I sincerely support the initiative taken on 29th November against climate change”

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