Student design office work

In the Pedagogical Innovation Park of PetrSU, in the student design office, discussions are held on the project “Classroom simulator for primary classes for a pedagogical quantorium”.
The classroom at the school is the place where teachers and students stay, the space for their joint creativity and development. There are many such rooms in the schools of our country. Some of them can be called modern, others require changes.

But are such rooms necessary for students of a pedagogical university who are just getting acquainted with the teaching profession? Of course we do!

In the Pedagogical Innovation Park “Education 5.0” of PetrSU, discussions are held about what the classroom should be, in which future teachers can train various professional skills. And in this discussion, students themselves take an active part, especially undergraduates. So, for example, students of 1-2 courses of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education proposed projects through which they told about their vision of what kind of study room-simulator for professional activity they need.

There were so many proposals that an expert commission was organized from among the current primary school teachers who chose the best student projects. They proceeded from the fact that the classroom is a complex system in which everything should be in its place: educational equipment, and workplaces for teachers and students, and various technical means, and devices, and storage space, and even zones recreation.

The 5 best projects, in the opinion of primary school teachers, were offered to students of the 11th grade of the University School of Kondopoga RK – Municipal Educational Institution Secondary School No. 8, the support site of PetrSU, with a request to choose the best ones. Why high school students? Because these are the people, future professionals, who will build and change our world in the invisible future. And the opinion of such people is especially important!