Student of Karnavati University presents their work in an International Fashion Design Project


New Delhi: Explore and reinterpret the Vespa brand’s authenticity to create creative interpretations where denim is the protagonist. Hence the Vespa Denim Project, the international project created by the students of the Modartech Fashion Design Course in collaboration with the Indian students of the Unitedworld Institute of Design – UID Karnavati University India.

This project spiked a sense of competition and sharing of best practices and skills with the student groups across the borders. The faculty and students across the institutions reviewed the work of their peers and gained to evolve through this experience.

The work shared by students of IM was inspirational. Mood, styles, techniques and colors recall the Indian heritage with emphasis placed on the preparation of the production of garments, complete with sketches and technical tables.

The project got the students of UID to focus attention to western fashion trends, and Italian design, in particular the transformations of the Vespa, were studied in detail to draw inspiration. They were inspired by the characteristics of mobility, innovation and design of the Vespa brand to create outfits with a sporty, casual and glamorous appeal.

The students created a range of 6-8 garment collection keeping the Italian parameters in mind and at the same time bring in an Indian aesthetic and design philosophy to the fabric and silhouettes.

The students felt that the paucity of time catalysed their evolution as designers. A fair few of them looked at combining Indian forms of art and culture with denim, and that led them to further their insights & understanding of consumer behaviour of denim led brands across different demographics. The whole process of creating the project felt like a chaotic transformation, but most agree that the outcome of this project is definitely one of their best works considering their past experiences.

The presentation of the IM students was inspirational for our students and they raised their bar accordingly in the project through the exposure. What UIDians brought on board were styles and techniques packed with Indian ingenuity and colourful cultural references contextual to Indian heritage. Special emphasis was laid on making garments production ready – complete with flat sketches and tech packs.

The project made Indian students pay more attention to fashion’s myriad perspectives overall, however, Italian design, particularly transformations of Vespa were studied in great detail to take inspiration from. The students unanimously agree that Vespa has a very high appeal amongst young Indians, so much so that one of the finalists is trying his hand at modifying his existing scooter with elements from vespa.

The final culmination of the project into garments is awaited as soon as students across the countries have access to the fabric and labs for the prototyping. The digital outcome of the project works has been curated and presented as a Digital book “Icon” available to view on the websites of UID as well as IM as they participated in the IM showcase at the Milano Digital Fashion Week 2020.


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