Student of the Medical Institute of PetrSU about labor practice in the “Mir” detachment

Children from Karelia, Orenburg, Bashkortostan, Pskov, Irkutsk, Tatarstan, Mordovia, Tyumen, Perm, Chuvashia work in the Mir Interregional Student Medical Unit. There are 32 people in the detachment. Including 6 people – students of PetrSU.
Yulia Emelyanova, a fourth-year student at the Medical Institute, spoke about her experience of working in the Mir detachment:


We were offered several hospitals for employment – the Perinatal Center, the Ambulance Hospital and the Pryazha District Hospital.

I became interested in how the hospital in the village works, so I agreed to go to work in Pryazha.


My day begins with the departure on a work bus from Petrozavodsk to Pryazha, already there I do the main work in the clinical examination room – I fill out medical documentation, help the doctor with examination and notify the population about the need to visit our office, I also learned how to conduct spirometry, I perform this study for patients.

We work seven and a half hours a day, people come to the office, whom we invite to undergo an in-depth medical examination after suffering a covid infection – so people are mostly already healthy, but the consequences of the disease are different for everyone.

It is convenient and pleasant to work, as the hospital has been completely renovated and equipped with everything you need.

Everyone here knows each other, and the doctor can remember most of the patients who come to him, which, in my opinion, significantly helps to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of these patients, since the same doctor monitors the dynamics of their disease.

Now I can’t answer for sure, I would return here to work after graduation, but I would recommend this place to classmates who love a calm rhythm of life and closeness to nature.