Students and teachers held a campaign in support of an animal shelter

The charity event at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​was held under the motto “Our Institute brings warmth and comfort to the shelter.”
The action of kindness received a huge response, almost all groups and many teachers, as well as the staff of the BEST theater took an active part in the charity event, provided all possible and much needed help to the shelter (it contains 60 stray dogs), despite the difficult conditions in which we all have to work and learn.

In this difficult time, not only people are in dire need of support and care, but also our four-legged friends, homeless animals, which find it very difficult to survive without human help. During the campaign, a lot of necessary products were collected (canned meat, dry food, cereals, pasta) and things (leashes, blankets, blankets for bedding, rags, newspapers), as well as significant financial assistance was provided, students and teachers transferred to the shelter 36,700 rubles.

With a great sense of pride, we can say that the action of kindness in support of the shelter was very successful. Involvement in one common, noble cause, participation in the volunteer movement, the realization that you are helping those who really need it, contributes to the education of such valuable qualities as responsibility, kindness, care, sympathy and mercy, and strengthens the student body,

– said the participants of the action.

The IRL Directorate and the teaching staff express their deep gratitude to all the participants of the action for helping the “Way Home” shelter and heartfelt gratitude for the care, responsiveness and attention to homeless animals that really need the support of caring, sensitive people.

And in the future, students will take an active part in charity events, and helping an animal shelter will become a good tradition at the Institute of Foreign Languages,

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