Students discuss climate change issues

Humanities students discussed in English the global challenges of the 21st century, one of which is the problem of climate change and the impact of this process on life processes on our planet.
These issues concern not only scientists from different fields, but also future specialists in the social sphere, tourism, historians, and teachers. An interdisciplinary seminar conducted by I.E. Abramova and E.P. Shishmolina for undergraduate and graduate students of the directions “Contemporary History of Russia”, “Design in the tourism industry”, “Social work” and first-year undergraduate students of the directions “International Relations”, “Sociology”, “Social work”, “Tourism”, was devoted to discussion of the environmental situation both throughout the world and in Russia and Karelia.

In the discussion, the students noted that the most acute problems in the modern world are the problems of changing climatic conditions, since this leads to the threat of extinction of whole species of animals and plants, deterioration of living conditions for humans. Of course, the problems of growing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the destruction of the ozone layer are also important, which requires the world community to take urgent measures and prevent possible catastrophic consequences.

The seminar touched upon not only global warming, air and water pollution, but also environmental issues in Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as ways to solve existing problems. The students discussed the importance of environmental literacy among the world’s population and together they drew up an action plan to improve the environmental situation in our region.

The organizers noted that they plan to continue researching this topic in English as part of their work to educate an active citizen who can responsibly participate in solving global problems facing humanity, including by joining efforts to solve environmental problems, fully realizing their capabilities to overcome critical situations in the rapidly changing conditions of the modern world.