Students from Imperial College London and IIT/ NIT alumni raise over Rs. 15 lakhs on to support daily wagers amidst COVID-19 pandemic


New Delhi: Indian students from Imperial College London, as well as IIT/NIT alumni, have come together to organize an ImpactGuru crowdfunding campaign to help daily wage earners and elderly in various rural and urban areas of India. The students have collaborated with four Non-Governmental Organizations to action their project. These NGOs are Society for Poor People Development in Tamil Nadu; Rapid Response (partnering with Sawed Trust) in Maharashtra & Kerala; Elderly Care Trust in Gujarat and Helpage India (All states across India).

The students have managed to so far raise over Rs. 15 lakhs. They shared a heartfelt message, “Thank you for supporting our campaign to help the daily wagers in India during the COVID-19 lockdown. With the funds collected so far, our NGO partners have been distributing vital relief packages containing a month’s ration (dry food) supply and sanitizing kits to more than 450 families in various parts of India. All of this could not have happened without your support.

We aim to raise around Rs. 22 lakhs to support more than 1000 families and we are already half-way there. To achieve this goal, we need your continued support. We urge you to keep donating and/or spreading the word in your network about our fundraiser. Please find the link here”