Students of BHIS will get virtual internship programme in mental health with Fortis

Mumbai: To facilitate the holistic development through experiential and firsthand learning; Billabong High International Schools (BHIS) collaborate with Fortis Hospital to provide virtual internship programme to their students on mental health.

This programme is structured for students of grade 11/AS and level 12/A with psychology specialization. This is a 1 week internship – where children will dedicate 1 hour everyday on a virtual platform for Fortis Hospitals. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the internship.

Key learnings that the programme intends to offer to participating Billabongers are: Psychological Interviewing, Orientation to Clinical Disorders, Exposure to Applied Fields of Psychology, Health Psychology, Experiential Understanding of the Self and a hands on Mental Health Project within the hospital set up under the guidance of the Fortis Hospitals team of mental health professionals.

Rahul Despande, BHIS, CEO, said, “At BHIS, it has been our constant endeavour to help each student find their North Star by providing the right opportunities and environment that facilitates their holistic development. Our collaboration with Fortis Hospital is a step in the direction of ‘Future-ready schooling’ whereby we will offer our students a real-world work-experience. We have always offered internship opportunities to our students and the lockdown did not hold us back. This will be a virtual internship with Fortis Hospital in a field that is increasingly gaining significance – Mental Health. The goal is to provide simulation & hands on learning under expert guidance and something that will add value to our students resume as they move ahead and graduate from school.”