Students of biological training directions of PetrSU have passed educational field practice

Second-year environmental students studied higher plants on the territory of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU for a whole week as part of excursions (a sightseeing tour of the Botsada collections – Deputy Director E.A. and training sessions in comfortable educational buildings of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU.

Anzhella Valerievna Sonina, Head of the Department of Botany and Plant Physiology of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies, said:

The Botanical Garden of PetrSU is traditionally a base for practice. In fact, from the very beginning of his education in a two-story wooden house, in addition to rooms for employees, there were study rooms for work and living rooms for students. Since then, the terms of practice have been reduced, and the conditions have become significantly different, but, as before, we are happy to take students to botanical practice in the Botanical Garden.

Convenient location of the garden (within the city district), access to Lake Onega, artificial reservoirs on the territory, rugged terrain, rocky outcrops allow studying the species diversity of plants, ecological groups of plants, adaptation to living conditions in different types of communities.

We always try to provide all possible assistance to the Botanical Garden and take the time to take part in the work the garden needs: weeding flower beds, cleaning up garbage, caring for collectible plants. Thus, for students of biology and ecology, plants are not only objects of study, but also objects of concern, why not educational work within the framework of the Botsada?

The opportunity to work quietly on the basis of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU using all the conditions available there is a worthy option for educational field practice.

We thank students and teachers for their support and assistance in caring for plants – objects of scientific research, noted the staff of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU.