Students of BVM Global Bollineni Hillside Showcase Their Academic Brilliance in the CBSE Examinations 2021-2022.

The students of BVM Global Bollineni Hillside School have been working tremendously hard along with the teachers since the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts finally paid off when the CBSE results were announced for 2021-22.

The results of BVM Global Bollineni Hillside School are delightful and reflect the combined efforts of the students, teachers, and parents.

Sahil Krishna was the topper from the Science stream, securing 97.8%; Matangi V topped Humanities with 97%, followed by Shreya Janakiraman, who topped Commerce with 96.6%.

Students securing the perfect score in Class 12 in Computer Science were Kumaran Prathik V, Prithvi, Sahil Krishna V, and Selvakarthik S. Sahil Krishna V and Selvakarthik S got 100% in chemistry. Prathyangira Manivelan, Ananya Natrajan, and Niranjana Srinidhi A got a perfect score in Business Studies. The lone student to score full marks in psychology was Matangi V.

Individual subject winners included Jayasruthy Karthikeyan (96/100) in Biology, Haasmitha R and Sahil Krishna (97/100) in Physics, Shreya Janakiraman (99/100) in Accountancy, Prathyangira Manivelan, Jayashree C Krishna, Lavanya Elango, and Shreya Janakiraman (96/100) in Economics, Harshi Arora (99/100) in Entrepreneurship.

Coming to the Class 10 results, Siddharth E and Tapasya T were the school toppers, securing 494 marks out of 500, i.e., 98.8%.

Many students secured 100 per cent in individual subjects. Ramchitharth, Mannepuri Chaturya, Muga Shree, Varsha Ravi Venkatesh, and Ishaan Anwar in English; Gautam D, Siddharth E, Sree Shivani M, Muga Shree K, and Sabarigirish M in Tamil; Ritesh Kumar S in French; Harini Suresh Babu, Linda S. Sam, Sanjay, and Mannepuri Chaturya in Mathematics; Tapasya T in Science; Siddharth E in Social Science.

The subject toppers were Pranav G (95/100) in Hindi and Varsha RaviVenkatesh and Prathamesh N (99/100) in Sanskrit.

Mr. Ramana Prasad, the chairman of BVM Global Schools, was grateful to everyone who helped the students succeed in the CBSE examination, especially their parents, teachers, and the school. He showered his words of wisdom on the students and wished them luck for their future studies.