Students of GIIS learned about India’s rich heritage and Constitution of India on 73rd Republic Day of India

Observed National Tourism Day through virtual tours across India’s diverse culture and traditions

Noida : Global Indian International School, Noida celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day virtually by engaging students in various activities and enlightening them about the Constitution of India and the rights & duties of its citizens. GIIS, a premier education institute with one of the largest networks of International schools across India and abroad, lays the importance on holistic development of students and thereby adheres and instill Gandhian values and beliefs which have also been the inspiration behind the Indian Constitution.

On the occasion of 73rd Republic Day, GIIS organised a 2-days activity with the intention to create awareness on the rights and duties of Indian citizens as stated in the Constitution of India , in addition to sharing knowledge on the significance of the day. Republic Day celebrations began with virtual flag hoisting and the presentation of patriotic songs by the students. Additionally, GIIS also showed a documentary on the rich heritage of India and the significance of the day. As a part of the celebration ‘Know India Quiz’ was also organized to generate awareness among the students from an early age. In the age of digital literacy, a few other initiatives were introduced to make students from grades 6, 7, and 8 comfortable with cameras; students were involved in patriotic Speech, Recitation, and educational video-making competitions.

GIIS Noida also celebrated ‘National Tourism Day’ with the students by delving into the country’s rich history, heritage, historical sites, and diverse culture which makes India a significant tourist attraction. India has a rich history & heritage attached to it and the school tried to commemorate the same in various ways. Educational activities across the primary grades were conducted where students participated in making innovative travel brochures, craft activities with national symbols of India, and showcased how the government promotes tourism among the rest. A virtual tour was organized where diverse cultures and traditions were exhibited which made India a popular tourist attraction.

Speaking about the celebrations Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Director-Operations, Global Indian International School, (GIIS) India said, “As a school, our focus has always been on the holistic development and wellbeing of our students. Our emphasis on value-based education of our students ensures that they grow up with essential life values viz. Human, social, cultural, ethical & global values. Republic Day is an important day for all Indians and celebrating it with pomp and fervour sensitizes students about the importance of this day and helps them to grow as aware and responsible citizens of the country. In addition to the Republic Day Celebrations, GIIS Noida students also celebrated National Tourism Day to create awareness about India’s rich heritage and culture amongst our students. Such student engagement activities are vital in current times to keep them active, productive and motivated.”

GIIS provides a future-ready curriculum to students from an early age and engaging them in such initiatives will foster development skills.


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