Students of Jasudben ML School come together and raise funds for the festive celebrations


Mumbai: It has been quite a tough year for all of us, especially for the underprivileged ones. Jasudben ML School (JML) – a premier ICSE school in Khar, Mumbai has come up with an initiative – “WE CARE, WE SHARE” this festive season for helping underprivileged elders and Children. For the fundraising the students and teachers come together with a goal to raise money and collect funds for safety kits, food and buy necessities like clothes and sanitization for the ones in need. This is to show unity of our society and how we fight back against the crisis together and to bring smiles this festive season by caring and sharing.

As the festive season began this year JML school encouraged higher secondary students to participate in this donation campaign to show gratitude towards Municipal workers. They handed out Safety kits to them that consisted of essentials like soap, sanitizer, masks, and hand towels etc. School’s students also raised awareness and funds for many causes, like the cancer patients of Shanti Avedna Sadan and St. Peter’s Church, Bandra for their ‘Feed the Hungry’ program which provides a free evening meal for those who cannot afford a meal.

Looking at the student’s ecstasy and acknowledgment, Principal of Jasudben ML School Mrs. Damayanti Bhattacharya said “Witnessing my students feeling more thankful and committed to giving back more during the festive season, I thought why not? The answer lies with timing. Taking an initiative and working together on it makes much more impact, this is what we at JML believes in. The festive season is all about giving and bringing happiness to life and spread festive cheers in the process.”

A parent of a 10th Standard student said “I believe the school should encourage more students to participate in such donation initiatives since helping others and being kind is one big lesson to be learned and keep working on it throughout your life. It’s great knowing what your child is doing is fueling someone’s happiness and giving them wishes and hope for their future.”

“The success of charity is due to the participation of every child in this school as we help children find their bright side and work on helping others. Students should always understand to not waste anything and to donate to the ones in need. We need to remember as teachers, parents and even students the pure joy and happiness you get while interacting and engaging with an intent on caring and helping someone. In this fight against Covid-19, we pledge to stand together to take precautions and care for each other.” The principal of the JML school added. “The fundraiser program garnered so much enthusiasm and response from the parents and students that the receiving people of charity felt more happy, thankful, and gave back blessings to each child at JML School. This act of generosity will be carried every year by JML School students.”


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