Students of PES University, Bangalore won the 1st prize in the 6th National Social Enterprise Idea Challenge event hosted by Azim Premji University

Bangalore : Students of PES University, Bangalore won the 6th edition of Azim Premji University’s National Level Social Enterprise Idea challenge organized at University Campus, Bengaluru

The Social Enterprise Cell of Azim Premji University organizes the Idea Challenge event every year with a purpose to provide students of Colleges and Universities across India an opportunity to explore social entrepreneurship and share their innovative social impact ideas in a rigorous and competitive manner. The event also acts as a great networking platform for young minds to meet each other, exchange thoughts and showcase their talent and skills to some of the early stage mentors and funders.

In the 6 year of the event, more than 100 teams participated and submitted their innovative social impact models in the first round. The submissions were broadly in the domains of education, livelihood, health, sustainability and governance. 16 teams were shortlisted for the finale round which was held in the University campus on 30th April Saturday.

The jury members for the event were 1) Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan, Executive Chairperson, LabourNet 2) Dr.Suresh Nair, Chief Technology Advisor, Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, an initiative of Tata Trust and 3) Dr. Richa Govil, Director, School of Development, Azim Premji University

Team Sitara from PES University, Bangalore won the 1st Prize in the 6th National Idea Challenge event

Team Members: 1. Shriya Shankar 2. Srushti Jayaraman 3. Ananya V

Summary of the Idea: Sitara is proposed to be a for-purpose nonprofit organization working towards helping children from underserved communities become self-sufficient, through an equitable education. They want to leverage their processes through YouTube and WhatsApp, and use the power of local language communication, to bring about improved learning outcomes in the children.

 The 2nd Prize went to Team Abyaan from College of Vocational Studies, Delhi university

Team Members: 1. Riddhi Oberoi 2. Shrutika Gambhir 3. Arsh Bhatia 4. Pranav Hoon

Summary of the Idea: Project Abyaan aims to address the problem of disposal of Used Cooking Oil (UCO), which usually ends up blocking drainage pipes or sewers, contaminating landfills leading to soil pollution. They aim to use this to make soaps and other products.

3rd Prize went to Team Khwab from Ramjas College, Delhi

Team Members: 1. Manya Vats 2. Vanshikha Gourisaria

Summary of the Idea: Khwab aims to fight the menace of plastic pollution and unsustainable consumption. They create a range of sustainable products for personal care, substantially reducing non-biodegradable waste. They make “zero-waste” alternatives to everyday alternatives like shampoo, deodorants, etc.

Nazrul Haque, Mentor for the Social Enterprise Cell at Azim Premji University noted that “It is always encouraging to see that young students are disturbed by social issues around them and are not only complaining but actively thinking how can they contribute towards solutions. In the last 5 years, the Idea challenge event has become a brand name in the social enterprise ecosystem.

Out of the 18 winning teams from the past 5 years, 11 have gone on to pursue their ideas after they completed their studies. The ones who do pursue the entrepreneurial journey benefit from the media coverage and the award resulting from the competition and most have gone on to receive additional financial or mentoring support from incubators and other organizations such as IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore, YCombinator etc.”