Students of the Institute of Economics and Law at the Federal Cup in Financial Fights

The All-Russian Championship in Financial Literacy and the Federal Cup in Financial Battles are held within the framework of the national strategy for increasing the financial literacy of the population in the Russian Federation and are aimed at popularizing financially literate behavior among children and young people. Within the framework of financial “battles”, teams solve problems and cases and improve their knowledge and skills in the field of personal finance.
Two teams from the Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU took part in the championship: the banKING team consisting of Karina Kuznetsova (captain), Valeria Kupryakhina, Olga Zhadanovskaya, Ekaterina Fedorova, Alexandra Sineva, Marina Mozhaikova (scientific supervisor O.V. Larchenko, senior teacher of the department finance, financial law, economics and accounting) and the “Wolves from Wall Street” team consisting of Daniil Dergachev (captain), Daria Agapova, Elizaveta Bekeleva, Maria Semchenko, Ekaterina Grigorieva, Polina Pozdnyakova (scientific advisor L.G. Shobei, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Finance, Financial Law, Economics and Accounting).

In February, both teams successfully passed the federal qualifying tournaments of the student league A (121 teams), taking 6th and 24th places among the 31st admitted teams, and were invited by the organizers to participate in the main tournaments of the 1st federal cup in financial battles.

The main stage of the financial battles will take place on March 25. This time our students will have to fight in an intellectual battle with the best teams from other universities in Russia.

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