Students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU are preparing for teaching practice

For fourth-year students, the first teaching practice will begin in February and will be held in the schools of the Republic of Karelia.
The course of methods of teaching foreign languages ​​has been studied, an exam has been passed, methodological materials have been accumulated in the portfolio of a foreign language teacher. What has changed in the preparation of students, taking into account our modern realities?

Elena Borzova, teacher of the course of teaching methods of teaching foreign languages, professor of the Department of English, notes:

Although distance learning foreign languages ​​has the same goals and content as classroom foreign language education, nevertheless, as all teachers and students have already realized, it has its own specifics. Therefore, in the 7th semester, the module “Distance English lesson” was introduced into the course of teaching methods of teaching foreign languages.

Six months of distance learning practice allows you to identify many of the disadvantages of a distance learning of a foreign language. We tried to convince students that in a distance lesson no one cancels the importance of achieving the goals of foreign language education, the need to comply with all didactic and methodological principles and requirements for the lesson.

How to involve everyone in active activities? How can you prepare and encourage each student to communicate? How to maintain attention in a distance lesson? These and many other questions were discussed in the classroom. Although we do not yet know in what format the pedagogical practice of students will take place, nevertheless, we were seriously preparing for conducting lessons both in the classroom and virtually. Students (direction of training “Pedagogical Education”, profiles “English and German” and “English and French”) developed and presented to each other their plans for distance English lessons, which were discussed at the seminars.

We hope that the passing of teaching practice will be successful and will help students gain useful experience in their future professional activities. “