Students of the “Social Work” direction create their own website in English

On the basis of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​(Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the Humanities), the implementation of a joint group virtual project dedicated to the social problems of Karelia continues. The project was created by the efforts of graduate and undergraduate students of the “Social Work” training direction.
A professionally oriented project in English is being implemented under the guidance of the head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the Humanities, Doctor of Philosophy. I.E. Abramova and associate professor of the Institute for Nuclear and Nuclear Research, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. E.P. Shishmolina.

The goals of the project are to draw the attention of students to acute issues of concern to modern society, as well as to promote the development of interaction in the professional field between undergraduates and bachelors. Students explored issues such as Social entrepreneurship in Karelia, The phenomenon of “Invisible children”, Sport and disaster relief,Single-parent family and others. As a result of joint activities in the search and critical analysis of relevant materials, numerous seminars, master classes and workshops, a website was created dedicated to comparing the organization of social work in Karelia and in the world. Marques Matheus, (Marques Matheus, Law and International Relations. Federal University of Viçosaand University of Campinas, Brazil), invited as an expert, noted the importance of all the topics presented on the site, emphasizing that he considers the most relevant consideration of the issue of children’s rights. The site is still working in test mode, but students of other humanitarian areas of training get acquainted with its materials, leaving their comments:

“The creators have chosen an interesting way of presenting the material. The information is presented in an accessible and understandable way. I really liked the voice of the announcer”.

“I liked this movie. In my opinion, the speaker revealed an important and actual topic in our time”.

“I liked the structure of the speech and the chosen topic. It was insanely interesting and pleasant to watch”.

“A useful video to compare the situation of charities in the US and Russia. I think this is an area where good practice can be borrowed”.

The project leaders plan to continue and develop it in the next academic year, since this format of work is in demand among students and contributes to increasing motivation for learning English in the professional field.

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