Students – participants of the project “German in Kindergarten”

Career guidance continues on the project of the Goethe-Institut “Deutsch im Kindergarten” – “German in Kindergarten”. The goal of the project is to popularize German as a second foreign language, to familiarize pupils and their parents with the language and country of the language being studied.
Senior Lecturer of the Department of German and French Languages, Ph.D. Ekaterina Anatolyevna Yakovleva is in charge of the project, which is being implemented by students of the direction “Pedagogical education with two training profiles: German and English”.

In the experimental group of the Dolphin kindergarten, for many pupils, German is already the second language studied after English. Therefore, when conducting classes, the teacher and students take into account the possibility of both transference and interference of the two studied languages.

In March, two classes were held on the topics “Family” (“Die Familie”) and “Pets” (“Haustiere”), which were conducted by students, project participants, Andrey Solnyshkov, Anna Savchenko and Kristina Shevrigina. The future teachers conscientiously reacted to the preparation of classes, chose topics that corresponded to the interests of preschoolers, and managed to find a common language with five-year-old pupils. In their responses, students noted that this was their first experience in teaching with a large audience (there were 20 people in the group).

Today I had a chance to conduct a lesson in the senior group of the Dolphinchik kindergarten, I have been preparing for it for a long time, but I am satisfied with the result. Everything went strictly according to plan, the children worked actively, with pleasure, I saw the joy on their faces! I would love to teach you one more lesson!

Children studied and memorized new words with interest, and also actively worked during the whole lesson and even managed to learn a small musical number. The kids were energetic, active, diligent, they repeated everything and tried to remember! We have coped with all the tasks

– students shared their impressions.

The organizers note the great importance of using the project as a launching pad for young teachers, as well as for popularizing the study of the German language according to the reviews of parents, educators and the youngest participants in the experimental group.

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