Students of Self Financing Colleges in Tamil Nadu to get assessed by HireMee


Chennai: HireMee, a web portal and mobile application, will conduct the assessment of final-year students in Tamil Nadu following the signing of an MoU with the Consortium of Self Financing Professional, Arts and Science Colleges in the next two months. The Consortium, with over 500 member institutions, works towards improving the quality of engineering education in the State.

The assessments, to be provided at no cost to the students or colleges, by HireMee, an initiative for social good, will connect the corporate world with academic institutions for faster and easier placements across India. The HireMee app seamlessly links students, recruiters and colleges through proctored computer-based assessments to facilitate the recruitment process. With a special focus on fresh graduates, especially from tier II and III towns, and urban areas, HireMee will bridge the gap between recruiters and students.

The MoU was signed by Mr Chockalingam Valliappa, Founder of HireMee and the Consortium President Mr R S Munirathinam in the presence of Secretary Dr P. Selvaraaj, Vice Presidents Mr Nanjil M. Vincent, Dr. S. Peter and Prof. A Balathandayuthapani and executive committee members in Chennai.

“As part of our CSR effort HireMee will offer opportunity to the all students by connecting them to the right jobs. The goal is to help recruiting firms discover diamonds among students in rural and urban colleges without any cost to the students, recruiters or the colleges,” says Mr Chockalingam Valliappa, Founder, HireMee.

HireMee teams will administer a 100-minute proctored computer-based test for students at the college premises using its proprietary application. This will enable students to identify improvement areas, bridge skill gaps and further their employability,” adds Valliappa.

As part of the agreement, the Consortium will support HireMee in extending its services to over 500 affiliated institutions by increasing awareness about HireMee among the student community.

“By offering free assessment to a million students and pro bono recruiting services to 1,000 companies this year HireMee aspires to enable students to get 100,000 jobs this year,” says Mr Krishnan Kuppusamy, Chief Advisor, HireMee.

HireMee entered into a MoU with country’s leading accrediting body, AICTE to offer its web and mobile application to graduating students of over 11,000 AICTE accredited institutions in the country in September 2017. In early November, HireMee signed a similar MoU with India’s leading engineering university Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). HireMee plans to administer a million assessments to graduating students in tens of thousands of institutions by 2018.

• Direct connect
Connects recruiters with students and colleges faster and with ease
• Video profile
Minimizes assessment time
• Pre assessment
Students Knowledge, Skill and Personality shine
• Minimal logistics
We go to hundreds of institutions saving everyone time and money
• Higher Reach
Thousands of companies connect to millions of students

Assessments: The assessment tests include Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Technical Computer Fundamentals, Behavioural Aptitude, Communication and Technical Core Domain knowledge.

The results of these assessments are in the form of a 7-digit score (on a scale of 1 to 9) which becomes an integral part of a student’s profile. The HireMee scorecard and video statement of purpose give recruiters detailed analytics of each candidate, making possible the short listing of hire-worthy job-seekers directly from the HireMee website or mobile application.

The students can upload video statement of purpose comprising three clips of 20 seconds each on the HireMee mobile application to articulate their aspirations, demonstrate their communication skills and share their technical strengths for recruiters to assess their employability.