Students to transport Selfridges shoppers to a healing place

A group of fashion students at Birmingham City University are hoping to instil positive well-being in visitors to Birmingham’s flagship Selfridges’ store this month through a special installation.

Fashion Business and Promotion students have created a ‘Transcendence’ installation as part of their visual communication module, which challenges students to consider how physical retail experiences might evolve into immersive experiences.

The project brief provided by the Selfridges team in the city’s Bullring shopping centre asked students to design an installation or artwork inspired by their ‘Summer Awakening’ campaign, which centres around the theme of ‘good nature’.

The student installation uses hanging fabric, light and sunrise-inspired colours to create positive energy and a sense of intrigue to transport shoppers to a positive healing place, explains student Libby Hudson.

“The purpose of ‘Transcendence’ is to uplift the Selfridges customer to an ethereal and healing place. We worked alongside the visual merchandising team at Selfridges to bring this concept to life.”