Students took part in the celebration of the Day of the Republic of Karelia

Within the framework of the complex scientific expedition “Kalevala-2021”, students of the Department of Sociology and Social Work took part in the intellectual game “Known and Unknown Karelia”, timed to coincide with the Day of the Republic of Karelia.
The festive event took place in Kalevala. Students of the Department of Sociology and Social Work Anastasia Ermolaeva, Anastasia Kolmyk, Valeria Chashkina, Irina Igoshina, Polina Veselova together with a senior teacher, Ph.D. Elena Nikolaevna Luzgina took part in the event as part of a team called “Swallow” and took an honorable second place.

As a result of participation, students shared their impressions:

Valeria Chashkina:

Before the start of the intellectual game, the choir performed with songs in the Karelian language, accompanied by kantele. There were several teams: two teams from PetrSU and teams from local residents. At first we thought it would be difficult to compete with the locals, but then we got into the game very quickly. It was very pleasant and fun to participate.

Irina Igoshina:

In Kalevala, we took part in a quiz game. There were two teams from our university and several more local teams. In a friendly team, we answered questions about myths and the history of Karelia. It was very interesting.

Anastasia Ermolaeva:

On June 8, I was able to attend a local quiz game at the Kalevala House of Culture. Before the start of the game there was a small concert with singing in the Karelian language. After that there was the game itself, where our team managed to take the honorable 2nd place. The game was challenging but very interesting.

Anastasia Kolmyk:

We managed to learn a lot of new and interesting things, to test our knowledge about our republic. I believe that such events cheer up well, unite the team, help broaden their horizons. After the game, there were pleasant memories of the time spent in a friendly atmosphere.

Veselova Polina:

The atmosphere of the event made it possible to feel the culture of the Karelian people. First of all, this made it possible to acquire new knowledge about Karelian history, as well as to get to know the local residents better. At the end of the game, each of us received diplomas. All this will leave me with a warm upbringing, I am very glad that I was able to take part in this event.