Studies published in Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research prove Vitamin-C’s effectiveness on COVID-19 patients

Chennai: Studies published in Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research prove Vitamin-C’s effectiveness on COVID-19 patients. Studies were conducted at a Government hospital in Coimbatore over 4 months on 400 COVID-19 Positive patients with consent to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C given via Liposomal Vitamin C drink and Vitamin-C tablets. It also focused on COVID-19 induced neuro cognitive dysfunction & cytokine storm. A separate study was also conducted on 162 patients with consent to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C in anxiety and depression. It also rendered positive results.

The study rendered positive results and paves way for Mirakle- a liposomal Vitamin C rich drink to be a remedy for this global malady.

The title of four studies are as follows:

1. Study of outcome of high dose oral liposomal Vitamin-C in COVID-19 patients

2. High dose Vitamin-C in COVID-19 induced neuro- cognitive dysfunction

3. Study of cytokine storm and high dose liposomal VIT- C in COVID-19

4. Study of high dose Vitamin-C in anxiety & depression cases

The conclusion of the four studies is as follows:

1. Two consecutive negative results were confirmed in 94% of patients on high dose oral liposomal Vitamin-C. on 14th day, suggests it is very much useful, cheap yet powerful tool as adjuvant treatment of COVID-19, with other AVAILABLE treatment modalities. (Treatment with only Vitamin-C cannot be tried in any pandemic situations. Preventive methods, social distancing, masks, sanitizers (SMS) are essential for everyone till all get vaccinated and get herd immunity for COVID-19)

2. Vitamin-C is cheap, easily available, more efficient and helps the body to fight against COVID-19 too. High dose intravenous as well as oral liposomal Vitamin-C is more effective in protection and recovery from COVID-19 induced neuro-cognitive dysfunction.

3. As there are no specific treatment available for COVID-19 and the cause of morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 is due to cytokine storm. With available standard protocols high dose Vitamin-C intravenous or liposomal oral Vitamin C is giving promising results in bringing DOWN CRP AND FERRITIN LEVELS providing a potential signal of benefit in oxygenation and even IL-6. More research is required to optimize the doses and duration of administration.

4. Results showed that Vitamin C reduced anxiety levels and led to higher plasma Vitamin-C concentration. The mean heart rates were also significantly different between HIGH DOSE Vitamin C group and control group. Present study results not only provide evidence that Vitamin C plays an important therapeutic role for anxiety but also point a possible use for antioxidants in the prevention or reduction of anxiety.

Commenting on the success of the study, Dr. Manickam Mahalingam – Chairman & Managing Director, ABT LTD, said, “This empirical data is of utmost importance to us, and I’m glad we got the desired results that further strengthen Mirakle’s benefits. We launched this product in the beginning of the pandemic last year with hope that it would pave way for faster recovery of patients. As concluded in the four studies, Vitamin C is known for its properties to enhance one’s resistance and fight off various diseases.”

Dr Manickam, further adds, “Mirakle has the highest density of Vitamin C of any product available at present as nano-particles are delivered in a liposomal method with elements such as Lysine and Proline buffered with Phospholipids. The anti-oxidants in Mirakle help in fighting cardiovascular diseases, muscular degeneration & neutralise oxidative stress. By energising the Mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cell, one can also cope with stress and metabolic disorder.”


The four studies have been acknowledged and their collective results received positive response from doctors in Riordan USA.


In their acknowledgement, Ronald Hunninghake, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Dr Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, Consultant at Riordan Clinic, Wichita, Kansas, USA have said, “The new liposomal Vitamin C drink promises to be a breakthrough for early stage COVID-19. By curtailing the early stages of scurvy, the virus-induced runaway train of inflammation, coagulation, and pulmonary and blood invasion…just will not happen! This strategy is one of our best new hopes for resolving this awful pandemic.”


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