Study Queensland unveils great career opportunities on the Gold Coast for Indian students

New Delhi: Further to the 2nd India-Australia Virtual Summit, there is a high scope of expanding and optimizing the long-standing education and skilling relationship, and acknowledging the different systems in the two countries for the recognition of education qualifications. Governments at both the ends are welcoming measures for access to higher education, and to support employment opportunities. Supported by Study Queensland, Study Gold Coast will be hosting a destination showcase event in India.

The event offers a glimpse of the gamut of opportunities Queensland has to offer in Gold Coast for students looking to study in Australia in 2022 and beyond. The event will take place in Delhi on Tuesday, 29th March 2022 from 11:30 to 15:00 IST and in Mumbai on Thursday, 31st March, 2022 from 17:30 to 20:30 IST. Key representatives from education agencies, individual counsellors and consultants will meet officials from Bond University, Southern Cross University and Griffith University at the event to explore cross-border education.


Elaborating on the purpose of the event, Mr. Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast stated “The Gold Coast has an entrepreneurial spirit and continues to expand rapidly as Australia’s fastest growing city. With students able to stay in our city with up to 4 years post study work rights it’s a great place for graduates to launch their careers. As a co-host of the 2032 Olympic Games there are more opportunities on the Gold Coast now than ever before and the legacy of that event will ensure those opportunities continue well beyond the Games.”    

Adding to the Mayor’s address, Ms. Jennine Tax, Head of Partnerships & Trade, Study Gold Coast, said, “Gold Coast is a high-quality education destination that offers exciting opportunities for Indian students to explore world-class careers. In addition to the skilled trainers, the education institutes also ensure that excellent support services are accessible for students’ first-class experience. Our regional centres not only offer up to four years post-study work rights but also see to it that the graduates secure best employment. This makes Gold Coast a desirable location to study and work and in turn increases the standard of living for aspiring individuals.”

As an interactive platform, the participants will discuss the significant advantages like post-study stay options, grants and scholarships for students, employable industries and so on. Concluding the horizon this showcase event brought forward, Mr. Abhinav Bhatia, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner – South Asia, TIQ explained, “India and Australia are at a juncture of comprehensive strategic partnership and education being a key sector, Study Queensland as the specialist international education and training unit of Trade and Investment Queensland, is committed to improve cross border education. Besides, with the city being a co-host of Olympic Games in 2032, students will get career opportunities with higher growth including part-time employment that students can pursue whilst studying and graduate achieving their career roles. This will further skill the upcoming talent and boost the bilateral relations of India & Queensland, Australia in terms of education, trade and investment.”

Compared to other Australian cities, in the coming years, the City of Gold Coast will be one of the fastest-growing employment regions, boosting the standard of living, education and working.

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