A successful journey of Sandip Jha from Maharashtra to Bihar


New Delhi: After creating a historic landmark, in Mumbai and also in the mega university in Nashik, ‘Sandip University’ has added one more feather in the cap with the launch of ‘Sandip University in Bihar’. This university is 1st Self-financed University in Bihar that has been bestowed upon by Govt. of Bihar to commence various educational courses. This university was recently named as “Top 10 emerging educational institute of India’ with an agenda of creating an intellectual leaders of tomorrow, that transcends our Indian economy with enormous growth & development.

It’s a great achievement that last year Sandip University Nashik, Maharashtra got autonomous under the regulations of the University Grants Commission (UGC)) and today t the second achievement that University in Bihar has also received an autonomous status.

Being attached to the homeland (Bihar), the Chairman of the group Dr. Sandip Jha mostly known for creating a world class educational hub says, “With the growing awareness & diversity of youths from Bihar, there is always a need to bridge a gap between the knowledge & enhancement of skills, with this initiative we will mitigate the collaborative approach of a students, to acquire a balance proportional mix of knowledge & hand on experience” He also adds “As a native of Bihar, I have always seen thatthere are lot of difficulties a person from Bihar needs to undergo; whether in terms of job, global exposure, understanding, cross disciplinary efforts, etc. But, I am quite confident, Sandip University which is located in Madhubani (Sijoul) will spark a new revolution in Bihar, who is in dire need to consume quality education that fosters & polish their entrepreneurial zeal with the adoption of new cutting edge technologies & advanced teaching techniques”

The university will deeply focus on curriculum & teaching methods, that entrails the students to demonstrate & deliver an impeccable solution that helps them to contribute to the economy.

Dr Sandip Jha says “Bihar is one of the fastest growing state in India & has recorded a CAGR of 13.4%Est.(2012 -2017) which is quite high as compared to other states, that means delivering a high output value is must, I am sure that Sandip University will push crucial frontiers among the locals & aspirants, who wants to expand their abilities to advanced level. I look forward and quite delighted to see the hope of enlightenment in Bihar”