Successful Legal Aid Camp for Children and Women Hosted by Galgotias University in Collaboration with the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion

National, June 06, 2024 – Galgotias University, in collaboration with the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion, successfully hosted the “Legal Aid Camp for Children and Women” at Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi. The event, titled “Galgotias University presents Bal Uday in collaboration with the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion – Legal Aid Camp for Children and Women,” aimed to educate children about their legal rights and obligations, fostering a safer future for them. The camp also addressed the vital role of maternal figures in children’s lives and the importance of using law as a tool to ensure a bright future. Legal queries from the attendees were addressed throughout the event.

The camp featured prominent guests and organisers, including Shri Ajay Tirkey, Hon’ble Member of Lokpal, who graced the event as the chief guest. Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotias University, represented the university along with its students, who actively participated by conducting interactive sessions and cultural performances. Representing the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion were Mr. Rakesh Senger, Executive Director of Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, and Ms. Sahana Priyadharshini, Associate Manager of the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion. Additionally, Mrs. Gayatri Misra, Advocate, Mr. Kunal Awana, Advocate, Ms. Shubhi Mishra, Advocate, and Mr. Advitiya Awasthi represented Bal Uday.

The event emphasised the collaborative efforts of Galgotias University, Bal Uday, and the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion. Galgotias University, emerging as a centre for excellence in knowledge generation and dissemination, actively supports Bal Uday’s mission to create a safer and informed future for children. Bal Uday, a trust dedicated to imparting basic legal awareness amongst children and their parents at the grassroots level, plays a key role in providing holistic legal aid. The Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion is a global initiative born from Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s four decades of revolutionary efforts as a social reformer, aiming to ignite ‘Compassion in Action’ worldwide.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias University expressed his commitment to the initiative, stating, “At Galgotias University, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. Through initiatives like Bal Uday and our collaboration with the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion, we aim to empower children and women with the knowledge of their legal rights, fostering a safer and more informed community. This camp is a testament to our commitment to creating a brighter future for the next generation.”

The legal aid camp culminated the periodic awareness workshops conducted in the area, focusing on issues such as physical assault, theft, misuse of social media, and the need for a strong value system. Help desks manned by law students of Galgotias University addressed legal queries of attendees. Key topics included understanding actions and consequences, crime and its implications, protection and conflict with law, sexual offences, the Juvenile Justice Act, and the importance of strong maternal figures and positive role models in a child’s development.

Advocate Gayatri Misra, founder trustee of Bal Uday, emphasised the importance of such initiatives, stating, “Educating children and women about their legal rights is crucial for building a just and equitable society. Our collaboration with Galgotias University and the Satyarthi Movement for Global Compassion has allowed us to reach more individuals and provide the necessary legal aid and awareness to empower them. We are committed to continuing this mission and creating a safer environment for all.”

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