Summer Programme 2020 Begins at Amity University

Summer programmes are conducted every year at Amity University with an objective to offer students an opportunity to extend their study into the summer term thus enabling them to catch up on progress to a degree or improve academic performance. Students also have the option to explore new courses of their interest.

The Summer courses are offered in the summer break in a shorter duration but with adequate rigor as regular semester courses are offered. In view of Covid-19 spread and lock down, the Summer courses are being conducted Online, where 300 courses are offered and more than 1500 students have enrolled for these courses.

E-content for all courses has already been developed to be delivered by the faculty. In-house developed technology platform AMIZONE is being used for publishing class schedule, uploading e-content, assignments, e-resources etc. WebEx, MSTeam being used for delivering courses and interaction with the students and experts. Industry interaction through on-line expert talks by corporate professionals will be a value addition for all courses.

The summer programme is an opportunity for the students to lighten their load of the semester ahead or improve academic standing or to clear the back papers, avoid year back and make up for those courses which are pre-requisites to advance level courses. Students who do not meet required CGPAcriteria may also use this opportunity to repeat the course and improve the grades. Courses offered during Summer Programme carry full academic course credit.

The date for the conduct of Summer Programme 2020 has been advanced in view of the widespread of COVID-19 and ensuing lock down. The summer programmes began today and will keep the students gainfully engaged for next six weeks.