Summer school for teachers of rural schools of the Republic of Karelia

Svetlana Iosifovna Smirnova, member of the Pedagogical laboratory of the rural school of PetrSU, head. Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education, took part as a teacher in the summer school-internship for teachers of small rural educational organizations of the Republic of Karelia.
This is the fourth such school. This year it took place from June 7 to June 10 on the basis of the Tolvuy secondary school of the Medvezhyegorsk municipal district (director and head of the LPS V. S. Stafeikova). All teachers during the school’s work underwent advanced training under the program “Pedagogical strategies for improving the quality of education in conditions of a shortage of resources”, developed by KIRO together with the Association of Rural Schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The teaching staff of the LPS includes Natalya Valerievna Barkalova, director of the Finno-Ugric secondary school of the Petrozavodsk urban district, Evgenia Yurievna Germanova, methodologist of the Center for Continuous Professional Development of Teachers of the Karelian Institute for Educational Development, Zinaida Borisovna Eflova, Ph.D. , executive director of the Association of Rural Schools of the Republic of Karelia; Senior Methodist at the Center for Educational Development of the Petrozavodsk Urban District, Zabrodina Irina Yurievna, Ph.D. theory and methods of primary education of PetrSU.

The teachers of the Finno-Ugric school, Lyceum No. 40 and the chairman of the Council of the Association of Rural Schools of the Republic of Karelia TI Tantseva worked as tutors.

Participants of the pedagogical school – teachers from Kalevala (Kepskaya secondary school), Loukhsky (Sosnovskaya secondary school), Olonetsky (Ilyinskaya secondary school), Prionezhsky (Derevyankskaya secondary school, Ladva-Vetkinskaya secondary school, Shokshinskaya secondary school), Medvezhyegorsky (Velikogubskaya secondary school, Tolvuyskaya secondary school), municipal districts. A total of 35 teachers from 9 rural and two urban schools.

Our day began at 7:30 with morning exercises, during which we managed to get to know the village of Tolvuya. And they ended the working day closer to midnight with a planning meeting, at which the teachers and tutors of the school summed up the results of the day they had lived and, taking them into account, made adjustments to the day ahead. Between these two events, there was, of course, the most interesting and significant: training, communication, exchange of experience, trainings, master classes, consultations, and group assignments,

– said the participants of the school.

The pedagogical staff of the Tolvuy school offered a leisure program, during which one could get acquainted with the traditions and life of the inhabitants of Zaonezhie.

It is pleasant to meet with the graduates of the department, most of which are subject teachers. I managed to acquaint teachers with Master’s programs and invite them to continue their education at PetrSU.

This is the third time I take part in the summer school for rural teachers, and each time it is a new program, new acquaintances and meetings with the participants of previous schools, it is a charge of energy and new ideas. And again you are convinced – “Russia is famous for its teachers, its students bring glory to it”, SI Smirnova shared her impressions.

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