Suncity School hosts international academic tournament

Gurgaon: Gurgaon-based Suncity School hosted a prestigious international academic tournament on May 1 and 2. The two- day event witnessed over 500 students’ participation from across 20 schools such as Mayo College, Ajmer, G.D. Goenka Public School, Delhi, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon from Delhi-NCR and neighboring states. Titled ‘World Scholar’s Cup’, the competition tested students’ mastery over core subjects namely Science, Social Studies, Arts and Music, Literature, History and Special Area. The top finalists will get a chance to compete at the Yale University, one of the leading educational institutions of the world.

“The objective of organizing the World Scholar’s Cup is to help discover their interests and aptitude. The competition also hones students’ public speaking skills, logical thinking skills and instills creativity among students,” said Mr. Vishal Sharma, Program Director, India for World Scholar’s Cup.

Daniel Berdichevsky, the founder and alpaca-in-chief of the World Scholar’s Cup was also present on the occasion.

Held for the junior (10-14) and senior (15 and above) division, every World Scholar’s Cup round has four main events: The Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, The Team Debate and the Scholar’s Bowl. Each team comprises three members drawn from different or same schools. The Scholar’s Challenge tests students’ command over various subjects. At the Scholar’s Bowl, the host presents teams with creative and multimedia challenges on various themes which are to be solved within a specified time-limit. In collaborative writing, students have to choose one topic out of six and argue for or against it in writing. Each team-member has to choose a different topic. The Team Debate requires students to prepare a given topic for 15 minutes and present their case. Besides, these four core events, the Scholar’s Cup also hosts series of social events, to engage in the wider global community. For instance: The Scholar’s Show is an optional tal­ent show, and the Debate Showcase is when top individual debaters, as nominated by the judges, are put together to debate on the stage.

The top ten performing teams compete at the Global Round which witnesses competitions like scavenger hunts, keynote speeches, panel discussions, Scholar’s Ball and the like. The final round called Tournament of Champions will be held at the Yale University. The finalists will also attend a special panel on college admissions and on how to leverage their World Scholar’s Cup experience as part of their admissions portfolio.

We are proud to host the World Scholar’s Cup. The competition entails participation from brightest minds across the world, and is a test of students’ all round development. We, at Suncity, ensure that students are regularly exposed to extra-curricular activities of such kind which are vital for students’ holistic development,” said Ms. Rupa Chakravarty, Principal, Suncity World School.

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