Suncity School hosts National Science Exhibition 2019-20

Gurugram: Suncity School is hosting the annual CBSE National Science Exhibition 2019-20 on behalf of Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). The 3- day event commenced today and will continue till 18th January, 2020. It would showcase the projects/ research of the students from more than 600 schools across the country. These schools have emerged victorious at the regional levels of this event. This year the theme was ‘Science and technology for sustainable development with a thrust on water conservation’. The event was inaugurated by Ms Anita Karwal, Chairman, CBSE.

The event aimed at providing a platform to the students to demonstrate such learning which encourages construction of knowledge by connecting new ideas to existing concepts. In addition, the students also benefit from the experiences and perspectives of the students and team participating there.

“I am glad to see children who are happy to be here, the 500 teams which are here to exhibit their science projects. I would like to congratulate all the children who have reached this level. This number shows that there is a very enthusiastic participation towards science and I am glad to announce that next year from the month of June or July CBSE will be announcing a science Olympiad specially which will go into building what we call as ‘Scientific Temper’.” Said Ms. Anita Karwal, Chairman, CBSE.

Ms Rupa Chakravarty thanked Ms Anita Karwal and her team for choosing Suncity School as the venue for this exhibition. Addressing the students and academicians Ms Chakravarty said, “In a world where technology is changing by the hour should we still continue with teaching content. When a society is changing shouldn’t the tools also change? It is important for everybody who is leading from the front to remember that it is imperative that the quality and purpose of education is dynamic and evolving as per the requirements of the ever-changing world.”

The participants were exhibiting projects that focused on sub-themes like Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Cleanliness and Health, Resource Management, Industrial Development, Future Transport and Communication, Educational Games and Mathematical Modeling & Others. “It is a great opportunity for the participants as well as the viewers to understand and experience the innovative approach adopted by our students,” added Ms Chakaravarty.

The Suncity School Sector 54, Gurugram thrives on ideation, creativity and imagination. Its interdisciplinary approach towards learning takes science beyond textbooks, syllabus and the classroom scenario and sensitizes the students towards the need of sustainable environmental solutions.