SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: Campus Town Project of Start-up Support Center, Successfully Held a Startup Move-in Contest for Kingo-People

The Campus Town Project of SKKU’s Start-up Support Center held the 2021 Startup Move-in Contest for Kingo-people as a part of fostering startups project to invigorate local society and startup ecosystem.

The contest was held from February 17 to March 10 and a total of 138 teams participated. A total of 21 teams were finally selected after fair evaluation by professional judges, recording a high competition rate of 6.5:1.

Each selected team will move into five start-up spaces created by the SKKU’s Campus Town, and will become a startup that will lead the new industry focusing on culture and art through various start-up support programs over the next year.

In addition to the selection of general startup companies, the Campus Town Project will select startups in different sectors such as media, jewelry, art, and AI Tech step by step.