SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: Institute of Anglo-American Cultural Studies, Introduces “MBSR Meditation” for Students Struggling with COVID Fatigue

The Institute of Anglo-American Cultural Studies (Director Hye-Sook Sohn), will introduce a contemplative program for students who are struggling with the COVID-19 in the coming semester.

The Institute of Anglo-American Cultural Studies has been focusing its research on the field of contemplative science for the past two years to improve students’ mental health, creativity and leadership. It presents its first program, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), in a syndemic situation where various types of diseases and disasters causing multiple crises.

MBSR, the most influential contemplative science program in the U.S., is well received as a scientific healing model for modern people exposed to various mental and physical problems such as anxiety, stress, panic disorder, and is used as an educational program by more than 750 universities across the U.S.

Director Hye-Sook Sohn said, “Many people are suffering from extreme stress due to the prolonged COVID-19, and Corona Blue is emerging as a social issue. It should be noted that a healing model needs to be combined with existing crisis management manuals in the age of multiple crises such as climate change, various disasters and instability in the global economic system as well as COVID-19.” She also mentioned that we should pay attention to fact that the Anglo-American community has actively introduced comparative science programs into the public education system, led by Congress, government, and national institutions since 2000s.

MBSR meditation consists of various mindfulness based contents such as sitting, walking, eating, breathing, body scan, yoga, etc. It aims to develop physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, creative intelligence and contextual intelligence, and to foster social practical skills that can coexist harmoniously with others in the balance of body and mind.