SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: President Dong Ryeol Shin, Served Choheongwan at 2021 Sungkyunkwan Spring Seokjeon

SKKU announced that President Shin served Choheongwan at the 2021 Sungkyunkwan Spring Seokjeon held by Sungkyunkwan (Director Jin-Woo Son) on March 20 (Sat) at 10 A.M. Due to COVID-19, the Spring Seokjeon was reduced by skipping performance of Munmyo Jeryeak and only executives were attended.

Seokjeon is a ritual ceremony to honor Confucius, and was held as a national event at Sungkyunkwan which was a national university in the Joseon Dynasty. It was designated as the National Intangible Cultural Asset No. 85, and it is performed twice (spring and fall) annually at Sungkyunkwan and local Hyanggyos.

Choheongwan is a part of memorial rite where liquor is offered to an ancestor sprit to ask for good fortune. During the Joseon Dynasty, it was served by the King or Yeonguijeong (Prime Minister of the Joseon Dynasty). After the Independence of Korea, it was served by the director of Sungkyunkwan or high-ranking officials.

Director Son expressed his appreciation by saying that, “I would like to thank you all executives of Sungkyunkwan-related organization who prepared the event, and people who participated in the event and did their best to perform the ritual ceremony in the rain.”

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