SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: Prof. Sung-Ah Kim (Dept. of Architecture), Elected as the 6th Chairman of Korea Institute of Building Information Modeli

Professor Sung-Ah Kim (Dept. of Architecture) was elected as the sixth chairman of the Korea Institute of Building Information Modeling and will lead the institute from 2021.

The Korea Institute of Building Information Modeling was founded in 2010. As a leading society for research and development of information convergence technology in architecture, urban, and construction engineering, it hosts national academic conferences, international symposiums, special seminars, and competitions, and issues journals.

Prof. Sung-Ah Kim has actively conducted researchs on BIM, design computing that combines parametric design and design optimization, embodying smart space that combines big data analysis and new media, and major national research projects. As a new chairman of the institute, Professor Kim aims to pursue multidisciplinary convergence of academic societies, strengthen international cooperation, and promote on/off-line professional seminar series.

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