SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: Q Center and IonQ Signed Partnership for Quantum Computer Utilization

Quantum Information Research Support Center (Q Center, Director Yonuk Chong) was pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with IonQ, American venture business for quantum computer utilization and the Ion Tran Quantum computer hardware would be provided to domestic researchers and students starting from January 1, 2021.

The Q Center was established by the Ministry of Science and ICT’s project to create a quantum information science research ecosystem with 49.3 billion research funds for five years from 2020. It supports quantum information science research and development.

Q Center widely supports creating an ecosystem for research and development of quantum information science, including fostering skilled workers in quantum information science, supporting quantum device process, utilizing quantum cloud, and establishing related policies.

Domestic researchers and students can directly use IonQ’s Quantum Computer through the Q Center. The Q Center supports the researchers and students to learn and apply using the world’s cutting-edge quantum computer system through this partnership agreement.

The director of Q Center said, “The mission of Q Center is to support domestic quantum information science studies and develop capabilities, and create the competitive and sustainable ecosystem. The IonQ system is one of the leading quantum computer hardware, the partnership agreement is a great leap forwards for development of quantum technology, education and industry.”

CEO of IonQ Peter Chapman said “I am very proud of signing the agreement with Q Center. We expect that our quantum computer hardware would play a key role in Korea’s quantum information science research and contribute greatly to the development of technology as well as the development of next-generation quantum experts and developers.”

IonQ is an American venture company that is leading the development of quantum computers and is providing ion trap quantum computers as the world’s first cloud service. The IonQ’s quantum computer system is considered the most accurate quantum computer hardware available for commercial use.

Recently, IonQ announced that it will build a 23,000-square-foot quantum data center in Maryland. IonQ has attracted $84 million (95 billion won) in investment so far, and Samsung Electronics is one of the major investors.

The Q Center and IonQ plans to hold Kickoff workshop online on January 19 (Tue) as their first activity. Anyone can participate in the workshop via ZOOM.

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