SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: SKKU, Spurs to Foster Excellent ICT Talents

SKKU will spur to foster excellent ICT creative and converged talents which will drive innovation growth in the second year of its selection of “Foster Excellent ICT Talents”, organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The “Foster Excellent ICT Talent” is a project that supports up to 4 billion won per year to foster core human resources in response to changes in the ICT environment for up to 10 years. The intention is to foster creative and converged talents that future generations want beyond the framework of current engineering education by operating an education system through research and conducting research through education.

SKKU’s “Foster Excellent ICT Talent” project (Director: Hyun-Seung Choo) plans to operate innovative curriculum such as organizing converged subjects and conducting team teaching, with an aim of fostering 380 ICT talents for next 10 years. For this, universities, private sectors, and the government will invest a total of 40 billion won for 10 year, 4 billion won a year.

In addition, it plans to lead the R&D of AI technologies as well as the actual technologies of super intelligence and neural connections. Moreover, it will conduct a research on neural engineering technology that ultimately connects the human brain with external ASI by setting Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), a key technology of the future, as its main goal and direction.

Director Choo said that “We will face the challenges facing our society based on super intelligence technology and foster super sapiens, the excellent ICT talents, who will lead the future society. Also, we will obtain new information by gathering the hospital’s medical data and numerous social data, so that it can be used to contribute to the creation of new diverse jobs.”

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