SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY: Successfully Held AI X Bookathon Writing Contest

Sungkyunkwan University’s Library announced that they held the Second AI X Bookathon Writing Contest for two days from January 20 (Wed) to 21 (Thur) with the support of the Department of AI. The contest was held online in compliance with the government’s preventative guidelines.

Bookathon is a combined word of Book and Hackathon, and ‘AI X Bookathon’ is a writing contest using artificial intelligence, in which about three participants form a team to complete a piece of writing, from drawing ideas to collecting data, deep learning, and filtering AI creative writing works.

15 teams with a total of 61 students from SKKU who were selected from the preliminary round, participated and they completed data collection and AI data learning training in advance, including training on utilizing AI algorithms.

The keyword of this contest was ‘path’ and the genre was an essay. Students from humanities and sciences were mixed in each team and they carried out roles of planning, writing, and utilizing AI. Each team organized their writing method as their needs. The student stayed up all night and collaborated with their team members and AI to complete a piece of writing with about 20,000 characters.

The reviewers conducted evaluations focusing on literature and AI utilization. A team, “Saying Whatever”, received the grade prize with 2 million won.

President Dong-Ryeol Shin said, “It is encouraging that they have these outstanding results despite the fact that some of the students did not have prior knowledge of AI and algorithms. Also, it is meaningful that students in humanities participated in the competition. We will make more efforts to provide opportunities for students to use AI such as this contest.”

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