Super Smelly’s Miraculous Range of Face Packs for the GenZ Wins Product of the Year 2020

New Delhi: Super Smelly, India’s first 100% toxin-free personal care brand for GenZ, has bagged the prestigious ‘Product of the Year 2020’ award for its face packs.

Super Smelly, India’s first 100% toxin-free personal care brand for GenZ, has bagged the prestigious ‘Product of the Year 2020’ award for its face packs. Voted as a winner in the ‘face pack’ category, the face pack range has been declared as one of the best innovations by consumers in a nationwide survey conducted by Nielsen this year.

The prestigious US-based consumer award accepts entries every year from products around the world that demonstrate innovation and were launched within the previous year. The Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Super Smelly’s face pack range was selected for being 100% toxin-free ingredients and enriched with naturally-derived ingredients that can nourish and revitalize the skin of GenZ. The range includes a mud-based Acne Warrior Oil Control Pack and an activated charcoal-based Go Glow face pack. Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia, the Acne Warrior Oil Control Pack has been specially formulated with nature’s best concoction. It has a great mix of clays like Kaolin Mud, Green Clay, and Bentonite Clay along with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Almond, Argan, and Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil to keep the skin moisturized and Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric Oil, Peach and Apricot oil for skin clarification.

Meanwhile, the Super Smelly Go Glow Face Pack has been specially formulated for young and sensitive skin with a unique combination of activated charcoal and anti-tan properties derived from Coffee Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Aloe Vera, Kaolin Mud, Green Clay, Multani Clay, and Dead Sea Salt. The pack also contains the goodness of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Peach Oil, and Apricot Oil, which makes it ‘Magic in a Jar’ for the GenZ to make their skin shine bright with confidence.

Speaking on the remarkable win, Ms. Dipali Mathur Dayal and Mr. Milan Sharma, the Co-Founders of Super Smelly, said, “As the world grapples with the Coronavirus outbreak, this award comes as a positive sign of hope. Teenage years can be tough on the skin for many, which makes it necessary to start taking good care of it at an early stage to prevent long-term complications and retain youthfulness for a long time. Since the generation Z is becoming more mindful of skincare and personal care, we created these all-natural face packs that every grandmother would love to recommend to their younger generation. I am delighted to see that the US consumers have recognized my commitment to quality, authenticity, and a genuine tenacity.”

Super Smelly is targeting a previously unaddressed market in the country. Currently, there is no other toxin-free personal care brand available for youngsters between the ages of 8 to 19 years. As a result, GenZ resorts to adult skincare products that may not be tested for safety and could contain toxins that do not suit their tender skin. Bridging this gap, Super Smelly has introduced 100% toxin-free, Made Safe, and Vegan certified deodorant sprays, deodorant sticks, pocket perfumes, face-washes, face packs, lip balms, moisturizer, etc.

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