Supporting student wellbeing at the University of Leicester

The University of Leicester has outlined its plans to support students’ mental health and wellbeing, ensuring that all students, whether they are self-isolating or not, have the support they need on and off campus.

To ensure students have the support they need, each student will be contacted by their tutors and academic teams for a weekly check in, and all new undergraduate students will be assigned a trained mentor who will be available to support them. The University has also recruited extra counsellors for students to speak to in person or digitally.

For students that are self-isolating, the University is supplying free care packages full of food, hygiene and cleaning packs, treats and games, which are delivered to students in both University-managed and private accommodation. A laundry service is also available for students and medication will be delivered to those students who require it.

Geoff Green, Registrar and Secretary, said:

“Student wellbeing is a key priority for the University of Leicester – not only do we have a duty of care to our students to do all we can to protect them against the risk of COVID-19 infection, but a responsibility to also ensure they have the support they need for their mental, physical and social wellbeing.

We know it’s tough to be self-isolating while away at university. That’s why we are doing all we can to not only meet students’ needs for healthy food, personal hygiene and basic cleaning throughout the period of isolation, but also to help them to have fun and connect with others virtually, while they can’t in person.

We also understand that some students will have heightened feelings of anxiety and loneliness during this time, and our wellbeing teams are on-hand night-and-day to support the mental health of our students.”

As part of its work to promote student wellbeing, the University has launched its Live Life Well campaign, which enables students to get involved in a range of activities including yoga, pottery and confidence boosting workshops, which will be delivered both in person and online. In addition, the new student Wellbeing App provides students with a 360 programme of wellness, allowing them to log and keep track of activities helping them stay well, such as exercise or socialising, and where they may need more support.

The University’s is also one of a few in the country to offer a COVID-19 screening programme to test staff and students who do not show symptoms and are feeling well. This will help to detect the virus in people who may have missed a diagnosis and unknowingly spread it to others.

The University is working in partnership with the Students’ Union to ensure students are receiving the best care and support possible.

In addition, the University has a hardship fund in place to assist students with financial difficulties, including digital support to provide IT equipment for those whose finances may have been affected by COVID-19. For more information, please visit the University of Leicester website.